>The trick is hidden in his second premise.

No, the first premise is basic.

>[Singer]Suffering and death from lack of food, shelter, and medical care are bad.

The psychological results of altruism may be observed in the fact that a great many people approach the subject of ethics by....A nightmare view of existence—since he believes that men are trapped in a “malevolent universe” where disasters are the constant and primary concern of their lives.

-Rand, Ethics Of Emergencies

>Peter Singer is truly awful.

He is an evil death-worshipper. "Truly awful" is for shoes that pinch your toes.

And notice that the conventional definition of altruism implicitly agrees with Rand that it's self-sacifice. "Helping others" is an evasion of the helper. He is not to be considered. He is to be sacrificed.

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All praise to Ayn Rand who not only unlocked the key to this evil madness, but wrote the best book in history pointing it out, and most of all had the courage to continue trumpeting the truth of this villainous moral code to an un-thinking world her whole life.

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Another banger! And I recognize some of this from the recent discussion we had at the Virtue of Selfishness reading group :)

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